Digital X-Rays

Our office uses the newest state of art digital x-ray system.  Digital x-rays offer many advantages over conventional film x-rays. They reduce radiation by 80%, more time efficient, and they digitally enhance images and allow for better a diagnosis.

Types of Digital X-rays:

  1. Bitewings X-rays: aid in diagnosing cavities, checking the health of the bony area surrounding the tooth, and seeing the status of developing teeth.
  2. Periapical X-rays: highlight the entire tooth and allow one to view the health of the bone around a particular tooth.
  3. Panoramic X-rays: highlight the upper and lower arch and the teeth and surrounding bone. It reveals the health of the jaw joints and maxillary sinus.



Due to inclement weather conditions our office will be closed on Tuesday Jan 31 and Wednesday Feb 1, 2023.