There are two types of dentures:

  1. Full Dentures
  2. Partial Dentures

The benefits of having new dentures are:

  1. Have A Great Smile Again
  2. Feel More Confident
  3. More Comfortable In Social Situations
  4. Ability To Eat Most Foods

Denture Procedure:

There are five steps in making custom dentures

  1. Preliminary imprints of oral tissues are made.
  2. Final imprints of oral tissues are made with custom tray.
  3. Key measurements are taken
  4. Selection of your teeth: Size, Shape and Color. Selection of gums from 3 different types.

Esthetic approval from a friend or family member.

  1. Fitting your Dentures.

Over time your mouth will change and you will need a periodic adjustment to your dentures. We recommend yearly periodic visits with Dr. Patel, who will check the denture, check for fit and bite, and complete an oral cancer screening.