Metal Free Crowns

With today’s advances in dental materials, crowns can now be made completely out porcelain without any metal underneath.  Porcelain crowns blend in nicely with the tooth and eliminates the noticeable dark metal at the gum line.  Teeth with older metal crowns are more susceptible to decay than porcelain crowns because it is easier to keep the gum line cleaner with a porcelain crown.

Same Day Crowns

CEREC restorations are the latest form of porcelain restorations offered by our doctors, here at Ranchview Family Dentistry that can be completed in one day. The state of the art CEREC captures a digital impression of the tooth and designs your restoration based on the original shape of the tooth.  Then restorations are fabricated in the office in the state of art milling unit, which takes 7 minutes to fabricate your restoration. Once the restoration is fabricated, it is checked for fit and then bonded permanently to your tooth. Since the tooth colored restoration has a chameleon effect, it blends perfectly to the remaining tooth.  This can all be achieved in just one visit!