Our Doctors

Portrait photo of Drs. Jay and Hemu Patel; Dr. Hemu Patel seated with Dr. Jay Patel standing

Drs. Jayendra Patel & Hemandra  Patel

Dr. Hemandra (Hemu) and Jayendra (Jay) Patel are brothers. Both immigrated to Texas in 1990 and were raised in Garland, TX. They graduated from Lakeview High School and later, both pursued their undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Hemandra Patel received his B.S. in Biology, and Dr. Jayendra Patel received his in Chemistry. They both did research in their respected fields, before receiving their professional training and doctorate from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX.

After receiving their DDS, both Dr. Patel’s became associates of two private practices in Dallas-Fort Worth area. During their time as associates they expanded their knowledge of advanced dental concepts greatly in areas such as oral surgery, endodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics and implant dentistry. After years of research and planning, both Dr. Patel’s chose the Valley Ranch/Irving area to open their own private practice, join the community and begin raising their family.

They spend most of their time practicing full service family dentistry and pride themselves on the number of referrals they have received from patients in the community.  They make dentistry as comfortable as possible, using the latest in modern materials and techniques. They customize treatment for each of their patients in order to maximize their health.  They provide significant advantages for the patients in terms of convenience and quality of care.  With two doctors at the practice, there is never a lapse in coverage and there is always someone available who is familiar with patient’s needs.

Having two doctors in the practice directly benefits patient care by having combined experience and an extended knowledge base that extends beyond that of a single practitioner.  Their patients especially enjoy their relentless smile and comforting demeanor as well as the State-Of-The-Art Office.  Both doctors are members of American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, Dallas County Dental Society, Dallas Implant Study Club, Dallas Indian Dentist Association and Irving Dental Study Club.  They have both and have dedicated many hours to continuing education specifically related to the advanced dental concepts and achieving total patient comfort.  They spend their free time with their families and traveling.