Restorative Services


Restorative Services

They help us to restore teeth to a healthy condition and avoid serious conditions like dental abscesses and tooth extractions. 

Tooth Color Fillings: 

The major advantage of a tooth colored filling is less tooth destruction. With a tooth colored filling Dr. Patel can restore a tooth back to health with minimal tooth destruction. Tooth colored fillings are not only more esthetic than a metal filling but they are also mercury free

Tooth Color Onlay

A porcelain onlay is similar to a dental crown in that they are both designed to restore a tooth that is broken enough that a filling will not be sufficient to fix it. If too much of a tooth is missing, the tooth will fracture if it is restored with a filling. A fracture can be prevented by placing a crown or an onlay.  A crown covers the entire tooth whereas a porcelain onlay covers most or the entire chewing surface of the tooth.  An onlay is a more conservative approach and preserves more of the natural tooth structure.  Porcelain onlays look very natural because they are made entirely of porcelain and contain no metal.

An only can be easier than a crown to keep clean because onlays do not interfere with the gum line.  The natural gum line is kept intact, making brushing more efficient, reducing the chances of new tooth decay, and less likely to have gum irritation from the restoration.